Preventive Treatments

In helping our patients maintain good oral health it is recommended to have regular check up and cleaning appointments to discover small problems before they inevitably become big problems. Qualicum Dental  sends notices to our patients that their next exam and cleaning may be due. Patients then can telephone the office to make a convenient appointment. The office sends these notices as a courtesy. Please be aware of how often your plan allows for these services.

Preventive services include removal of plaque and calculus with hand instruments or a powered sound and water instrument is referred to as scaling. A prophylaxis (a cleaning, although literally it means “prevention”) or a prophy for short refers to the polishing that is sometimes done after the scaling and root planing are complete. Fluoride applications are given to patients under 19 years and others who require additional help to strenghen the enamel and prevent cavities. Oral hygiene instruction and oral hygiene aids are also offered as needed.

“You don’t have to floss all your teeth…. just the ones you want to keep!”

Occasionally digital xrays are required to provide a thorough diagnosis. They are necessary to view between teeth and under existing restorations for signs of decay. Xrays also inform the dentist and hygienist of bone loss, abscesses, cysts and other conditions not apparent to the naked eye. Although now with digital viewing; exposure is minimized, we do understand your concerns and only request them when necessary.