Dr. Andy Wood

Dr. Andy Wood has been with Qualicum Dental since 2010. Originally from Ontario, he received his Doctor of Dentistry from the University of Western Ontario. His preventive approach to dentistry, educates and gets the patient involved with the care of their teeth. Restorations are kept as small as possible and treatment options are clearly explained.

Having spent the previous 26 years at his own practice in Quesnel, BC, he now resides in beautiful Qualicum Beach BC with his wife.They have 2 adult daughters and 2 grandsons from their eldest daughter, residing in Nanaimo, BC. He enjoys surfing, skiing, motorcycles, airplanes, hunting, fishing and occasionally sampling IPA craft beers and varieties of Scotch. He and his wife are most passionate about their grandsons and getting the family together.

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Dr. Andy Wood

Dr. Wood observes dental habits and their effects on the oral health of his patients. He regularly counsels patients in identifying and changing oral habits from clenching or grinding to suggestions on more positive dental snacks. Cavities are preventable and he is committed to sharing many ideas on how to do just that!

Xylitol: (A Natural Substitute)

Xylitol is another sweetener with a 5 carbon structure as opposed to 6 carbons like regular sugar. When consumed by the cavity causing bacteria, it gives them indigestion, and reduces their numbers hence preventing cavities. *(a)  It is natural sugar alcohol made from various berries, birch trees, corn husks, oats and mushrooms. It also works well …

Grind or Clenching Habits:

If you Grind or Clench your teeth, and you can cause unnecessary extreme damage. Your teeth should not be together unless chewing food. The jaw should naturally hang in its rested position to prevent tooth damage and other associated discomfort. Most people are not aware that they clench or grind unless they are conscientiously observing …

Post Op Extraction Instructions:

Bleeding:    Pressure should be applied to the socket for half an hour. If the bleeding continues; apply more pressure with fresh gauze (dampen the layer facing the socket to prevent clot sticking to gauze) for another 30 minutes. A moistened, plain dark tea bag also works well in place of the gauze, as the tannin …

Arginine and Healthy Dental Snacks:

Many patients understand that sugar is a main cause of dental decay. It is generally clear that sugar is found in candy and pop, however many patients are surprised to find sugar is also found in many of the snacks they enjoy or give to their children. These include fresh fruit, honey, fruit juices and …